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Originally Posted by Trionic3000 View Post
Actually Sports car tire WAS a part of Sports Car Service but they parted ways about 10 years ago ( when his @hole partner screwed him over) and then TIRES bought Bill's wheel business (Viking Wheel).

When it was part of Bills' as Viking Wheel, I was even going to buy the shop at that time. Those clowns at SC Tire told me twice they could not fix my wheels when 2 other shops did a fine job. Bill has a bunch of Saab wheels he kept when he owned Viking Wheel so those guys send a lot of Saab folks over to his shop.

I use ACR Powercoating in NJ now, they are the real deal. ACR Powdercoating I even Yelped about it I was so pleased. They repaired a stress crack in the barrel that others said could not be done.

I also shipped a wheel to this place in Atlanta, Special Rims Inc. They were able to fix a linear crack that no one else would touch. Not as good as ACR but happy nonetheless.

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