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Suspension Play Conundrum

When the car is on the ground and the driver's side front wheel is shaken between 12 &6(car is rocked transversely), there is noticeable play being taken up top to bottom, as if the wheel bearing was bad.
I jacked up the car and could not replicate the conditions (testing for wheel bearing issues). Indeed the wheelbearing seems very tight, as do the ball-joints, as well as the near-new poly bushes. The car drives poorly and wanders/tramlines and all signs point to a wheelbearing, but again, it is tight, as is every other usual suspect. Does anyone have any ideas as to what it could be?

I did disassemble the suspension down to the hub, put a pair of vice grips on it, and pushed/pulled with all my strength and the hub/wheel bearing didn't move at all...totally flummoxed!
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