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Got it tinted and debadged it this weekend:

I found a new way of debadging online and I'm really happy with how it worked out:
1. Heat the badge with a hair dryer for a few mins until you can flex the badge on the 2 sided tape.
2. Run fishing line behind the badge, pop it off
3. Soak the adhesive left on the car with naphtha, I soaked a rag and then held the rag to the paint for maybe 10-15 seconds
4. Rolled the adhesive off with just my fingers, no plastic razorblades (or worse) required
5. Once the residue is mostly gone, wipe with clean section of the rag with naphtha on it
6. Hit with spray detail and clay bar combo
7. Compound
8. Polish

I can only see the "ghost" of the badge from certain angles and from within a few feet, and I didn't put any scratches in the deck lid getting the badges off, that's a success in my book.
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