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1992 9000

So, I bought myself another c9000 in February of last year. I got it for a song out of Charlotte, NC. It has a stack of service records and the original window sticker. All cool and all, but the car is somewhat of a disaster as of now. I haven't done a thing to it since I bought it. It's been sitting at friends shop while I've been in school/ working on more immediate projects.

It's in LHM mode due to faulty TCS, has a bad exhaust gasket, and has a push-button starter-- totally ghetto. Interior is shot, needs some body work here and there... but, no rust.

The plan is to T5 it.

I think my best plan of attack is to buy an aero that's rusted, and transplant the guts...

Aero interior, B234R, and matching 5-speed transmission.

I will likely start working on this soon once I get the right donor car since my other projects are on the road somewhat reliably.

Here are some pics of it from the day I went and picked it up.

Here is the car that started the love affair with Saabs, 9000's, and Classic 9000's

I'm trying to relive the glory days.


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