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andrew ouellette
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I Figured I would post because from my experience with my saab and fixing it this might help. I own a 03, 9-3 ARC and noticed from time to time car would run great then there was that moment when the car wouldn't want to turn over and also the steering wheel wouldn't lock and when the FOB was put into the ignition, there wasn't the "clicking" sound. I ruled out the NSS, wasn't the fuel pump, and I checked all fuses which were fine. Leading up to the car not starting, I noticed it took longer than a second for the car to actually start. After research on line, and ruling out everything it wasn't, I read that Saabs are notorious for draining the battery. So what worked for me was I disconnected the NEG terminal and hooked up the battery with jumper cables to my wife's car and let it charge for 25 min or so. Then I reconnected the negative terminal (remind you my terminals and NEG ground are free of corrosion) reconnected the NEG jumper cable. Inserted the Key for about five seconds with out trying to start the car, removed the key for a few seconds and tried to start and the car fired right up. I hope this can help anyone who might be having the same problem and I thank you all for your helpful forum posts!! Saved me a ton of money just researching online other than running to the mechanic!!
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