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Battery flat, ignition locked, new CIM required???

Hi Drew,
Similar problem to some others posting. I have a 2005 Saab 9.3 convertible.
A friend drove it and left the ignition in the On position. Next morning I discovered it and couldn't turn the key, everything dead. The Local Automobile Association attempted to start it with jumper leads. No success. Flat-topped to a Saab mechanic. He says it took four hours to figure out that the CIM needed to be replaced (connected the computer to it and it said "can not detect CIM" or similar). Sorry to be non-specific. Wants $AUD1,400 for a new CIM.
Is it possibly true? Could it have been caused by the ignition being on overnight? or by the AA mechanic attempting to jump start it?
Any questions I should ask the Saab mechanic?
Thanks, I'm desperate!
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