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2.3 rwd :)

hey there everyone..

I havent been on here in a while.. I know ..I've been slack .

Ive really got into cycling again. And I'm the fittest Ive ever been. Which is really not that fit.lool

I still got my Talladega stage 5 ,and its still going strong.


I'm getting my hands on a RWD Toyota celica..old skool model.
And I have a 2.3 turbo motor sitting in my Garage..

I'm having thoughts of throwing the 2.3 in the celica.

Has anyone got any ideas on how I would go about mounting the 2.3 , in a "nth,sth" set up?

I know you can get a bell housing to suit RWD . I just need a couple of ideas on how I would make up the engine mounts to suit.

any Idea?

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